March 17 was the last day of our school year, nothing happened it’s just like a normal day “that on monday we still have classes feeling” but nahh the last day, the last day that we can saw each other. NO FAREWELL PARTY, NO GOODBYE, NO HUGS OR WHAT. It’s just that, after one year of being together but its okay, siguro may mga tao lang talagang dadaan, pero hindi magsstay. SHOUTOUT TO MS. RHENLYN RELUYA!! i definitely will miss you!! even if you’re leaving us 😦 (wag moko pagalitan kung may grammatical errors hehe)

This school year is a memorable one, many things happened in just one snap *finger snap*  BOOM! everybody leaves, all gone. I would like to thank all of my fwends and still my fwends and forever will, (my dem boyz and gurlz woooh!!!) for making this school year happy and memorable. In grade 8 we’re not surprised when teacher said this “GRADE 8 IS THE WORST SECTION” and our response was like “THAT’S TRUE MAM AND SIR, WELCOME TO GRADE 8”  hahaha lol. SEE YOU GUYS NEXT SCHOOL YEAR!! SEE YOU ON OUR NEXT DYING COMPETITION  hehe just kidding. This school year i learned many things, as ms. rhen said “know your limitations”.

A note for Ms. RHEN:

Hey ma’am, even if we’re not your ideal students, even if we’re not the best students, even if we’re not the showy and the respectful students you want, even if you’re in the end of your rope. We just don’t like corny things ma’am hehe. Ma’am thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart, sorry if we stressed you too much, thank you for being part of my highschool memories. Until we meet again ma’am, love you. oh debuh ma’am yoko na, ang corny na eh! hehehe joke!!


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WHAT UPP? and… I am back!! it’s been a while since the last blog! sorrrrrrrrrrry! lately it’s been so so so busy, I had to focus on my studies (woaaah big word!!)  FINALS, CLEARANCE, REVIEW FOR FINALS, REPORT, PROJECTS all in 3 weeks!! hope you understand guys! i’m dying lol. but, GUESSSS WHAAAAT??? YAAAAAS FINALLY IT’S ALL OVER!! HELL WEEK DONE, CLEARANCE DONE, ALL DONE!! I AM FREEE!! I already can post once a week! I PROMISEEE!!

aye i just want to make a promise with you guys! i promise to post once a week, and to keep updated you may follow mo on my social media accounts! instagram, twitter and snapchat my username is cklaineannnnn! thank you and see you in my next blog!! bye!! xoxo





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I know guys! It’s so so so…. late uhm.. Anyway, I want to share it with you! I woke up so early like 3 am and guess what!! it’s an acievment yay!!! lolol. As u can see in the picture.. uhm.. yeah I’m with dem boyz and dem gurlz!! (squad lol). Ohh.. btw we went to SUBIC (ocean adventure) and Sky Ranch Pampanga wich is so fun!! and we thought that we will not enjoy it too much because many of our old friends left us (huhuhu) lol some didn’t go… some transferred schools wich is sad. But, we’re wrong because we enjoyed it SO MUCH! with a bit of disappointment (walang bago nvrmnd)

YEAH! WE ENJOYED SUBIC SPECIALLY (our starbucks drink) THE SEA LION SHOW & DOLPHIN SHOW. And ofcourse the best part Sky Ranch Pampanga! specially VIKINGS!! hands down!


There you go guys! Blog #3. Hope you enjoy it guys beacuse I enjoy!! lol. Thank you and see you in my next blog! BYEEE! lots of love xx


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 (here’s some review if ur not familiar)

ANNIE is Based on the popular comic strip “Little Orphan Annie” by Harold Gray, “Annie” opened as a musical in 1977 and ran for a record-setting six years at the former Alvin Theater in midtown-Manhattan, New York. With music by Charles Strouse, lyrics by Martin Charnin, and a book by Thomas Meehan, “Annie” was nominated for 11 Tony Awards and won in seven categories including Best Musical. Its popular musical numbers include “Tomorrow”, “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”, and “Hard Knock Life”.

Yaaaaaaaassss! I watched Annie + a meet and greet with Isabeli Araneta Elizalde (Annie) and the orphans. We watched Annie on Newport Performing Arts Theater at Resorts World Manila. And still, i have a hangoverrrrrr *sings Tomorrow* lol. This was a great musical play, and they slay it . I can’tttttttttt still want to repeat it!!! Truly amazing 🙌👏 Hands down for this gurls 👏💯  great job! you’re really never fully dressed without a smile!


blog #2 yay! thank you and see you in my next blog! BYEEE! lots of love xx


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Seriously, who would have thought that thinking of facts about yourself could be so hard? It actually took me an hour lol, just to fill this list up! Well, this is my way for you guys to get to know me more. Hope you guys enjoy! btw this my first blog YAAAAAAY!! 🎉🙌🏻



1. I’m in Grade 8.

2. I love Salmon Sashimi.

3. I’m an PBA & NBA fan! (NEVER SAY DIE GINEBRA!) (Warrrrrrrrriors!).

4. I’m a big boned.

5. I love listening to music (POP/ ACOUSTICS/ OPM).

6. I’m into photography. (u should check my intagram)

7. All the sports I play/do are: swimming (lol not really haha), table tennis, badminton, volleyball, and dart.

8. Seriously, guys I’m talikod-genic.

9. I’m boyish, a but girlish.

10. I love pizza yaaaaas!!!

11. I love The Chainsmokers, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, One Direction, Troye Sivan, Fifth Harmony, and Little Mix. Wait and more 😂

12. I love Starbucks!

13. Wha… oh wait look! we’ve reached my favourite number!

14. I love going out (Malls, Events, Beach, houses of my relatives and friends).

15. I am Caviteño.

16. I am bipolar.

17. I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger.

18. As of now, I want to finish my studies, then go to work, and travel around the world

19. I hate vegetables… uhmm yeah

20. “no hate, just love  yeah.. i think that‘s my life qoute lol


Guess what guysssss!! you’ve been reached the end of this blog! thank you and see you in my next blog! BYE! lots of love x 🖤