March 17 was the last day of our school year, nothing happened it’s just like a normal day “that on monday we still have classes feeling” but nahh the last day, the last day that we can saw each other. NO FAREWELL PARTY, NO GOODBYE, NO HUGS OR WHAT. It’s just that, after one year of being together but its okay, siguro may mga tao lang talagang dadaan, pero hindi magsstay. SHOUTOUT TO MS. RHENLYN RELUYA!! i definitely will miss you!! even if you’re leaving us šŸ˜¦ (wag moko pagalitan kung may grammatical errors hehe)

This school year is a memorable one, many things happened in just one snap *finger snap*Ā  BOOM! everybody leaves, all gone. I would like to thank all of my fwends and still my fwends and forever will, (my dem boyz and gurlz woooh!!!) for making this school year happy and memorable. In grade 8 we’re not surprised when teacher said this “GRADE 8 IS THE WORST SECTION” and our response was like “THAT’S TRUE MAM AND SIR, WELCOME TO GRADE 8”Ā  hahaha lol. SEE YOU GUYS NEXT SCHOOL YEAR!! SEE YOU ON OUR NEXT DYING COMPETITIONĀ  hehe just kidding. This school year i learned many things, as ms. rhen said “know your limitations”.

A note for Ms. RHEN:

Hey ma’am, even if we’re not your ideal students, even if we’re not the best students, even if we’re not the showy and the respectful students you want, even if you’re in the end of your rope. We just don’t like corny things ma’am hehe. Ma’am thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart, sorry if we stressed you too much, thank you for being part of my highschool memories. Until we meet again ma’am, love you. oh debuh ma’am yoko na, ang corny na eh! hehehe joke!!


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